Writer/Producer/Mixer, Rob Endling, moved to Las Vegas after being recruited (with future Cadium writer, Curtis Martin) by Kane Churko, to get involved with the acts that were recording at The Hideout Recording Studio. Endling’s work as engineer eventually paid off, as it led to working on various projects, including rapper, Ekoh and Ded. Endling’s collaboration with Martin on Ekoh’s “Sad But True” on the Through the Static EP features the Endling/Martin rock project, Sixlight. Rob has co-writes with Otherwise, including “Lifted,” which gained traction on the rock charts.


In other activity, Endling has co-writes with Finland’s Santa Cruz and Rachel Lorin, but in his search for the next breakout star, he continues to work with various developing artists. Endling has a cut on the Ded EP, Mannequin Eyes, as well as other co-writes on the upcoming Ded album, which has yet to be scheduled for release on Suretone.