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  • Chester Rushing has a speaking role in the upcoming Nickelodeon series, “Big Nate.”
  • Cadium signs Sinshrift. More information coming soon.
  • Southbound 75 gets a nice introduction to viewers in Nashville. Details in News section.
  • The new Piel album, A.K.A. Ma, is out now. Produced by Cisco DeLuna.



Cadium Music’s 2021 Year-End Wrap and What’s Next

By |December 23rd, 2021|

Admittedly, this post should have come earlier in the quarter. Instead of a close look at what transpired over the last few months, this piece has morphed into becoming Cadium Music's 2021 Year-End Wrap. The year got off to a fast start with the signing of writer and Rikets frontman, Scott Rose. COVID-19, however, continued to interrupt the creative process and the production of the new Rikets album, which included potential collaborations with Mark Lorenzo, got shelved. Southbound 75 Continue to Rise Southbound 75, continued to build its base in [...]


Piel Has a Release Date

By |October 4th, 2021|

After some jockeying around to find a time to put out the record, Piel have a release date and it's December 10. The album is A.K.A. Ma. Piel signed to Birs Recordings earlier this year. The New York label is known for releasing records on 180 gram, high-quality vinyl. In the ensuing days and weeks after the signing announcement, it was assumed by many involved that the release date would easily be scheduled for this year, but with the heavy demand for vinyl, the pressing plant contracted by the label [...]


Alternator Records to Officially Launch After 20 Years

By |August 6th, 2021|

what steps led to Alternator Records to officially launch after 20 years? After observing Michael over the years, it came down to taking advantage of an unusual gap in his almost non-stop mixing schedule to focus on nurturing Alternator.

Piel Signed to Birs Recordings

By |June 21st, 2021|

About a year ago, I decided to add an A&R/tastemaker service to the Cadium operation. The first act I decided to champion was Los Angeles band, Piel. After a few diversions along the way, I'm happy to say that Piel signed to Birs Recordings. The record, which is actually a six-song EP, has been completed and should be released in the fall. Shortly after announcing the A&R service in June of last year, I wrote about Piel and the hope that the band would release new material in 2020, but [...]

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