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  • Michael James mixed two songs in Dolby Atmos for the upcoming Sammy Hagar and the Circle album, Crazy Times, which is due out September 30.
  • After a successful premiere (and week) on The Country Network, Southbound 75’s “Missing Carolina” video is available on multiple platforms.
  • Ekoh’s new album, Look What You Made, is out and includes co-writes by Curtis Martin, Sean Kennedy and Rob Endling.
  • Otherwise have released their new track, “Full Disclosure.” Co-written by Rob Endling and Curtis Martin.
  • “Dial Tone,” from Catch Your Breath, out now. Co-written by Curtis Martin.



The Lack of Song Quality in Today’s Rock Acts

By |August 27th, 2022|

Gene Simmons continues to claim that rock is dead. The ongoing dialogue by Simmons and others on this topic fascinates me, because the lack of song quality in today's rock acts rarely, if ever, enters the          conversation in this debate. In an article in Metal Injection by Greg Kennelty, Kennelty takes on Simmons' point of view on the life or death matter, and while I don't believe that fans killed the genre due to streaming, a Simmons opinion, some subscribers to Metal Injection offered their reason [...]


Martin Contributes to the New Ookay album, Has Co-Write

By |April 2nd, 2022|

Martin contributes to the new Ookay album in more ways than one, which might lead to some fortuitous results.

Cadium Music’s 2021 Year-End Wrap and What’s Next

By |December 23rd, 2021|

Admittedly, this post should have come earlier in the quarter. Instead of a close look at what transpired over the last few months, this piece has morphed into becoming Cadium Music's 2021 Year-End Wrap. The year got off to a fast start with the signing of writer and Rikets frontman, Scott Rose. COVID-19, however, continued to interrupt the creative process and the production of the new Rikets album, which included potential collaborations with Mark Lorenzo, got shelved. Southbound 75 Continue to Rise Southbound 75, continued to build its base in [...]


Piel Has a Release Date

By |October 4th, 2021|

After some jockeying around to find a time to put out the record, Piel have a release date and it's December 10. The album is A.K.A. Ma. Piel signed to Birs Recordings earlier this year. The New York label is known for releasing records on 180 gram, high-quality vinyl. In the ensuing days and weeks after the signing announcement, it was assumed by many involved that the release date would easily be scheduled for this year, but with the heavy demand for vinyl, the pressing plant contracted by the label [...]

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