Thanks to Cadium Music Publishing’s talented writers, 2013 was a good year.

Some of the highlights include Kevin and Kane Churko each winning a Juno for their engineering work for Five Finger Death Punch’s American Capitalist and In This Moment’s Blood albums.  Kane is the youngest person in Juno history to win in the Engineering category.  “Battle Born,” from FFDP’s Volume 2 album topped the rock radio charts.

Lorenzo had a really good year on the road, finally playing in cities that have been waiting for the band to play, well, for a long time.

Cisco DeLuna played a significant role in Jim Carrey’s audiobook, How Roland Rolls, as well as co-writing and producing two projects: Steve Reynolds and Rodrigo Navarro.  Both albums are due out next year.

Looking ahead, Lorenzo plans to continue to support its Ignition album, and Team Churko will be in the studio with Hell Yeah and welcome back In This Moment for their next album.

…and look for the Special Edition of ITM’s Blood, due out at the top of 2014.