2014 was a continuation of 2013 with more notable moments for Cadium Music…

– In This Moment’s, Blood, continued to sell, and with the guidance of Kevin and Kane Churko in the studio, the band landed a new record deal with Atlantic.

ITM’s new album, Black Widow, has been out less than five weeks, but the group (and the label) is in full support of the record.  

Prediction: ITM’s, “The Fighter,” is the sleeper track on the album (think crossover radio), but won’t get much attention until early next year.

– Cisco DeLuna’s collaboration with Nashville’s Annie Bosko is producing results.  While not written by Cisco, Bosko’s “Crooked Halo” is gaining traction at Sirius radio.

– Southbound 75, a new project from Mark Lorenzo, was recorded this year and after testing some of the tracks, rock, as well as country listeners, like what they hear.  Expect Southbound 75 to release its debut in the first quarter of 2015.

– Five Finger Death Punch – the band that keeps dishing it out – had great success with both volumes of its The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell that were released in 2013, selling 750,000 collectively.  The title track just reached number one on the rock radio charts.

The guys have already recorded much of their new album with the Churkos and the first single is expected in March with an album launch in May.

– Papa Roach recorded their latest with each Churko writing and producing part of the album.  The lead single, “Face Everything and Rise,” has already been licensed and the album is due out, 1/27/15.

– Currently, three Cadium songs are in the rock radio top ten: The aforementioned, “Wrong Side,” as well as Hellyeah’s “Moth” and the aforementioned “F.E.A.R.”  (ITM’s “Sick Like Me” is #11.)

Lastly, if the industry can get a handle on the streaming situation, maybe 2015 will be a better year for all of us.