For Cadium Music, it was the year of finally working in the genre of Hip hop. For years, the focus has been mostly in rock and pop (the genres the company knows best), but due to the discovery of up and coming rapper, Ekoh, the path to the hip hop world opened.

The three writers (and signed to Cadium this year) who write in hip hop (and work with the aforementioned Ekoh) are Sean Kennedy, Curtis Martin and Rob Endling. All three writers are also producers and quite fluent in most, if not all, aspects of recording. Kennedy writes beats and in addition to his work with Ekoh, has co-written with artist, Ryan Oakes (“Selfish”), a popular EDM artist, as well as successfully selling beats to other rappers. Martin, who is one half of the rock project, Sixlight, with Endling (the duo was featured on the Ekoh track, “Sad But True,” one of Ekoh’s top songs), also writes for pop artists, such as Rachel Loren (Endling and Martin are a production team for her) and co-wrote and produced the hooky “Time Zone,” for artist, Ruso. Much of Endling’s work is in rock, as he has had cuts with Otherwise (with Martin) and Finland’s Santa Cruz. Both Martin and Endling also worked on a hard rock album that is still under wraps, but should be revealed in 2020.

While Chester Rushing continues his work as an actor (Daybreak, Beyond the Law), the Cadium writer has recently begun to use Twitch, not only for gaming, but also for performing musically. Fans seem to enjoy his hybrid of entertainment. While some might not be as high on Chester as a musical artist, it has been reported that when he is at appearances for events, such as Stranger Con, when he breaks into song, the barricades are almost broken, due to a mostly female audience rushing the stage. For a sample of Chester’s vocal performance, check out his version on the Maroon 5 song, “One More Night,” which was recorded for BMG Production Music, to be pitched for trailers.

Red Dragon Cartel had a successful tour of North America and Japan this year, in support of the “Patina” album. More dates for 2020 are beginning to be scheduled. It’s only a matter of time before Cadium writers Jake E. Lee and Anthony Esposito go back into the studio to write for the third RDC album.

Ron Mancuso’s Studio 77 was busy this year, attracting many clients in the hip hop world, as well as Ekoh and his production team. Many of the projects recorded at Studio 77 will not be revealed until next year.

Cisco DeLuna has had a robust year producing the CM Talkington album, which comes out on Birs Recordings in March, as well as writing with Kenneth Frost of Austin, Texas’ The Cuckoos. One of De Luna’s co-writes is to be included on the band’s independent release, due next month. Cisco also has other projects in the works and will hopefully be announced next year.

Mark Lorenzo’s focus this year has primarily been with his country/rock outfit, Southbound 75. The line-up seems to be solidified and the group have played mostly regionally in the south Florida area throughout the year. They played their first residency in Key Largo earlier this year and wowed tourists and natives alike. Southbound 75 has lined up more dates for 2020, some of them out of state. Long time Cadium writer, Lorenzo, also co-wrote a killer song in the spirit of 80’s hair bands, which has yet to be cut.

The forecast for 2020? Definitely more Hip Hop, and if the stars are aligned, more A&R. #yearendwrap #2019 #hiphop