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Rushing and Konrad Oldmoney Collaboration Coming Soon

When he's not auditioning or shooting a project, Chester Rushing is working on his musical endeavors. Lately, it's been collaborating with writer/producer, Konrad Oldmoney, resulting in the track "Don't You Worry," which will drop May 15 on all platforms. The Rushing and Konrad Oldmoney collaboration is sounding promising.

Chester Rushing Covers Maroon 5 Song, “One More Night,” for Trailer Music

Actor and musician, Chester Rushing, has covered the Maroon 5 song, "One More Night." The track is available on Spotify and will be pitched to trailer houses and other media for placements. The native Texan was paired with composer/producer, Jeff Fayman, to cover various songs, all to be exploited for commercial use. Fayman, whose company, Immediate Music (now a part of BMG's masters division, BMG Production Music (BMGPM)), brought in Rushing to record multiple songs and "One More Night" is one of several tracks on a forthcoming compilation. Fayman's goal is to take previously recorded compositions and record them in a variety of [...]

What’s Ahead is Here (or Coming into Focus) – The 2018 Cadium Music Year-End Wrap

As mentioned almost to this day, a year ago in last year's year-end, the emphasis was what was ahead in 2018. As we close 2018, here is some of what last year's wrap was talking about in this year-end wrap: -RAMP signed a deal with Jukin Media. The guys have written for various Jukin projects that currently grace the internet. -While Chester Rushing was writing new material for his next album, he sang on some sessions to be used in commercial trailers. In fact, RAMP's Jonathan Clark sang on a track, as well. No word yet on when these clips will be released. [...]

Chester Rushing Has Roles in Two Films, Series As Well

Chester Rushing has two film roles, both horror movies: Monster Party and The Haunting on Fraternity Row. Monster Party stars Robin Tunney and Fraternity Row casts Jayson Blair (Life Sentence). Both films are available to stream. Coming November 15 on Shudder is Deadwax. Rushing has a role in the suspense series. #upcomingseries #suspensefilms #thrillerfilms #StrangerThings

Chester Rushing in Two Upcoming Films: Deadwax and Monster Party

Chester Rushing has two movies coming out, both suspense/thrillers. Deadwax is currently making the festival circuit and will be released VOD. Monster Party is due out November 2. In addition to these releases, Rushing is in the upcoming film, Party Crasher. #Chester Rushing #upcomingmoviereleases #suspensefilms #thrillerfilms #StrangerThings

New Music from Chester Rushing – “Cherry Bomb”

It's been a while, but Chester Rushing is releasing new music with Cherry Bomb, May 25. The song's upcoming release will be the first music Chester has shared since his debut album, Halfway Across the Stars. The song was co-written and produced by Esjay Jones and will be available on iTunes. Cherry Bomb comes on the heels of Chester's latest role as Cody in the Hulu series All Night. #ChesterRushing #NewMusic #AllNight 

Cadium Music Publishing – Year in Review

Cadium Music Publishing ends 2017 with some notable accomplishments, but the real story is what's ahead. Here is this year's year in review. First, Kane Churko co-wrote two songs for Japan's One OK Rock, which appear on the Japanese release of the album, Ambitions. While the band is relatively unknown in North America, the album went double platinum in the band's homeland. Churko was also nominated for a Dove Award for his work on Skillet's Unleashed. Chester Rushing was more active as an actor than as a musician (more on the musician part, later), appearing in Season Two of Stranger Things, having significant [...]

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