Dove Awards

Skillet Wins Dove Award for Best Rock/Contemporary Album

Skillet wins Dove Award for best "Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year" for Unleashed Beyond at the ceremony, last Sunday. The award goes to the producers of the album, who include Kane Churko, who co-produced songs, "Out of Hell" and "Unleashed." Churko also co-wrote the two tracks. Unleashed Beyond contains bonus material from the 2016 release, Unleashed. #skillet #thehideoutstudio #christianrock #dovewards

Churkos Nominated for Dove Award for Work on Skillet Album

Kane Churko and Kevin Churko received nominations for their work as producers on Skillet's latest album, Unleashed. This is the first Dove nomination for each Churko. The Churko's also co-wrote two songs on the Skillet album, "Out of Hell" and "Undefeated." The Dove Awards take place October 17 in Nashville, TN. #DoveAwards

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