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What’s Ahead is Here (or Coming into Focus) – The 2018 Cadium Music Year-End Wrap

As mentioned almost to this day, a year ago in last year's year-end, the emphasis was what was ahead in 2018. As we close 2018, here is some of what last year's wrap was talking about in this year-end wrap: -RAMP signed a deal with Jukin Media. The guys have written for various Jukin projects that currently grace the internet. -While Chester Rushing was writing new material for his next album, he sang on some sessions to be used in commercial trailers. In fact, RAMP's Jonathan Clark sang on a track, as well. No word yet on when these clips will be released. [...]

Shawn McGhee Has Two Co-Writes on New Hyro The Hero Album

Writer/Producer, Shawn McGhee, has two co-writes on the new Hyro The Hero album, Flagged Channel. The album is out today. The two McGhee collaborations are the current single, "Bullet," and "Closed Casket." The Another Century/Sony Red release is a bit of a departure for the label, as it delves into the Rap/Metal genre. Hyro will be supporting Flagged Channel with live dates. #rapmusic #rapmetal #rapmetalmusic

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