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Michael James and Jaimeson Durr Have Mixed Two songs in Dolby Atmos for Sammy Hagar

Michael James and Jaimeson Durr have mixed two songs in Dolby Atmos for Sammy Hagar. More specifically, the mixes are for Sammy's band, Sammy Hagar and the Circle and their upcoming album, Crazy Times. The two tracks are "2021" and "Father Time (Acoustic)." Crazy Times comes out Friday (September 30). Before we get into the details of Michael's work on the project, a quick review of what Dolby Atmos is and why it matters. The Dolby Atmos Story Dolby Atmos is what is termed as immersive audio. This means that in addition to the surround sound experience, which allows the listener to receive [...]

Cadium Music’s 2021 Year-End Wrap and What’s Next

Admittedly, this post should have come earlier in the quarter. Instead of a close look at what transpired over the last few months, this piece has morphed into becoming Cadium Music's 2021 Year-End Wrap. The year got off to a fast start with the signing of writer and Rikets frontman, Scott Rose. COVID-19, however, continued to interrupt the creative process and the production of the new Rikets album, which included potential collaborations with Mark Lorenzo, got shelved. Southbound 75 Continue to Rise Southbound 75, continued to build its base in south Florida and finally released Tales from the Black Swamp through Bad Jeu [...]

Vegan Vulcan Music strikes a Deal with Cadium

Client, Michael James, has a few developments happening on his end and among them, an administration deal between his newly minted publishing company, Vegan Vulcan Music and Cadium Music. As Vegan Vulcan Music strikes a deal with Cadium, the belief is that it should lead to more opportunities for VVM's future roster. Publishing and Records James has completed a new album and intends to grow VVM through the various co-writes he has on it. The new album will be called Shelter In Place. Shelter In Place features special guests and showcases some new and developing talent that James selected. The album does not [...]

Two Mixes by Michael James for Chuck Leavell Documentary

Michael James mixed two Eric Church songs that are in the just-released film documentary "Chuck Leavell: The Tree Man." Leavell, the legendary pianist/keyboardist whose career spans five decades and includes work with The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers Band, Eric Clapton and John Mayer, to name a few, is revealed as more than a musician; he is also a custodian of the environment with commitment to family. (Coinciding with his environmental efforts, Leavell is co-founder of one of the most informative websites on the environment, Mother Nature Network.) James came into the project through the film's director, Allen Farst, who has hired James [...]

Michael James Has Mix in New Netflix Series, “Love, Death and Robots”

Michael James mixed the track, "Sundown Blues," which is in the new Netflix series, Love, Death and Robots. The song was written by David Michael Weiss and Joanna Levine. James, who regularly collaborates with Weiss, also mixed another Weiss track that is in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which aired earlier this year. #michaeljamesproducer #michaeljamesmixer

Michael James, in Sessions for new C-Murder Material

Rapper, C-Murder, who made a splash in the 1990s and early 2000s with albums, such as Life Or Death, has given the green light for members of Elliott Waits For No One and writer/producer/mixer, Michael James (Hole, New Radicals, L7) to work on new material for a future release. An announcement of the sessions was made in January. C-Murder (Corey Miller) was convicted of a murder in 2002 and has been imprisoned since 2009. Last year two witnesses recanted their testimony and Miller is pushing for a new trial. In the meantime, sessions for a new release by the rapper is taking place [...]

Producer / Mixer Michael James has #1 for Fifth Week in a Row

Veteran producer / mixer, Michael James, is enjoying his fifth week at number one at Mexican radio with his mix of Kalimba's "Estrellas Rotas."  The track has actually topped two charts: Audience Response and Spins. James, who has a long history of working with artists early in their careers (Hole, L7, New Radicals, Jane's Addiction, among others), has managed to remain ahead of the curve when it comes to production and mixing.  An early believer in "hybrid mixing," the native New Yorker has consistently brought fresh perspectives to songs, sometimes taking tracks in their most raw forms and creating dazzling mixes or even [...]

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