“The Hideout” Studios

Disturbed to Release New Album Recorded by the Churkos

After a five year hiatus, Disturbed are back with a new album.The Chicago quartet chose to (not so) quietly step into Kevin and Kane Churko's The Hideout towards the end of last year and record 19 songs, which culminated in Immortalized, due out August 21, according to the band's website. Kevin helmed the sessions and is credited with co-writing all the songs.The lead track is "The Vengeful One," and based on some Disturbed Ones' reaction, the news of a new album is happily welcomed.

Churko in the Studio with Emerson Drive

Kevin Churko is at his "Hideout" studios in Las Vegas, producing three songs for the upcoming Emerson Drive album. The group decided to take a break from Nashville and shake things up a bit for their next release, so they decided to hook up with old pal and fellow Canadian, Mr. Churko. No album release plans, as of yet.

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