Actor and musician, Chester Rushing, has covered the Maroon 5 song, “One More Night.” The track is available on Spotify and will be pitched to trailer houses and other media for placements.

The native Texan was paired with composer/producer, Jeff Fayman, to cover various songs, all to be exploited for commercial use. Fayman, whose company, Immediate Music (now a part of BMG’s masters division, BMG Production Music (BMGPM)), brought in Rushing to record multiple songs and “One More Night” is one of several tracks on a forthcoming compilation.

Fayman’s goal is to take previously recorded compositions and record them in a variety of ways that contrast the original master, including tempo, mood, instrumentation and vocal style. In the case of “One More Night,” Rushing sings the tune in a down tempo and adds a darkness and tension to the song.

For Rushing, who is known for his work as Tommy H in the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, this is his first music release this year. Rushing also has a role in the Netflix series, Daybreak, which premiers October 24.

BMGPM anticipates to release more tracks with Rushing’s vocals in the near future.

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