Going back to early last year at The Hideout studio, Curtis Martin and Rob Endling were presented with an opportunity to work with rising metal act, Ded. Martin and Endling made the most of it, by not only co-writing the upcoming album, but adding production to it. The result, so far, is the co-write of “Eyes Sewn Shut,” which is on the current EP (or “micro release”), Mannequin Eyes. (The other song is “A Mannequin Idol”.) There’s a good chance that the Curtis Martin, Rob Endling Co-writes with Ded will be mutually beneficial.

The full album would probably be out by now, but COVID-19 entered the picture, and so the full album will be released at a later date. According to all accounts, it will be released later this year.


Working with Ded came after Martin and Endling individually and collectively worked with other rock acts, such as Otherwise and Santa Cruz. In fact, the first two singles to Otherwise’s album Defy, are Endling co-writes. Even before the Otherwise and Santa Cruz projects, Curtis and Rob worked with various independent acts under their Sixlight Productions moniker.

By all accounts, Ded liked what Martin and Endling were coming up with and why one song collaboration turned into several.


There is no secret sauce to Curtis and Rob’s success so far, however, Rob is more of the rock writer/producer and Curtis is more of the pop writer in the partnership. Some of those collaborations have included rising rapper, Ekoh and pop singer, Rachel Lorin.

But getting back to the Curtis Martin, Rob Endling co-writes with Ded, the EP has been getting traction at active rock, with “A Mannequin Idol” being the lead track. Its steady climb up the radio charts will hopefully build some momentum ahead of the full album’s release.

Since the song titles for the rest of the album have not yet been finalized, it’s a bit premature to talk about them Ded’s label, Surtone, assesses it’s options on how and when to release the album, the titles will eventually be revealed. #metal #co-writes #CurtisMartin #RobEndling #Ded #newmusic #upcomingmusic #amannequinidol #eyessewnshut