What became Austria’s final performance of their Southern California tour, took place at a private party in the exclusive section of Malibu Colony, in Malibu, CA (down the block from Paris Hilton’s and a few doors up from Sting’s). True, people who saw the band at House of Blues the prior Wednesday were more than happy to see the band again, which added to the color and enthusiasm of the show, but those who knew little of Austria leading up to their sea-side performance, absolutely loved them. The band’s set was broken up into two parts and wowed the mostly non-Spanish speaking audience so fiercely that the band was practically forced to play a short third set later in the afternoon, which consisted mostly of songs in English and covers. The real jewel of the event, however, came well into the night and after most of the audience had gone home, when Lautaro Gonzalez de Cap and Martin Rougier performed as an impromptu duo with Martin at the resident’s piano. The ‘set’ consisted of Austria originals and some popular covers in Spanish. Maybe a dozen people were in the room. While the group’s tour was heavily documented (the footage is currently being edited), Martin and Lautaro’s piano/vocal performance was not. Truly special and truly a treat.

So when are Austria coming back? They hope to return early next year…and sooner, if the opportunity arises.