The Music Modernization Act, one of the most important pieces of music legislation to come along in decades easily passed the U.S. House of Representatives and is in the Senate for consideration. Now that SESAC has officially come on board to support the MMA, it’s up to the Senate to get it passed. The Music Modernization Act needs more co-sponsors. With more co-sponsors supporting the MMA,  the MMA will help to create a path to an increase in rates for mechanical streams. Low streaming rates have been a sticking point with writers and publishers for several years. While people in certain circles believe that the MMA will pass as it stands, the legislation is lacking co-sponsors. Senators from 38 states have yet to back the bill. Industry veterans and songwriters alike are being asked to call the Senators on the list and encourage other supporters of the arts to do the same. #Music Modernization Act #SongwriterRights