Before 2020 got started, Ekoh and Lolife released new material. Lolife dropped “Liar,” which has a surprisingly nice Level 42 vibe to it – complete with saxophone. Curtis Martin co-wrote the track. Also, Ekoh decided to squeeze in one more song before the end of 2019 with “Owe You Nothin’.” Martin and Sean Kennedy co-wrote. On to 2020…

Not long after the year began, Ekoh released “Peace,” which features Ember. Due to the alacrity of Ekoh releases, the production credits have yet to be sorted out. Rob Endling, Sean Kennedy and Curtis Martin all had a hand in the track.

CM Talkington’s debut album has a release date – March 13. The Cisco DeLuna – produced album is beginning to make the rounds in the industry. It’s too early for reaction, yet, but opinion on the record will certainly be coming soon.

The Cuckoos album, “I Hate Love,” is due out this Friday (1/24). Cisco DeLuna co-wrote one of the songs, “Carpe Diem,” with Kenneth Frost, the band’s lead singer and main songwriter.

Curtis Martin and Rob Endling are back in the studio with Rachel Lorin. Some of the early drafts of some of the songs are proving to be quite impressive.

Chester Rushing just began shooting a new film in Los Angeles. Leading up to the shoot and in between his shooting schedule, he will continue to write new material. #musicnews