In the last few weeks, the new Otherwise album is off to a good start, a new Ekoh track is out and Daybreak is number two in the world. Here is some of the new activity from Cadium Music.

Otherwise’s new album, Defy, was released last Friday, but the Rob Endling and Curtis Martin co-write, “Lifted,” has been making it’s way up the U.S. Active Rock charts, currently at number 39. While no one knows the future, word has it that the track will continue to rise up the charts.


Today, Ekoh released yet another song, “Never Enough.” The track features Drowsy, who was alsofeatured on an earlier Ekoh track, “For You.” “Never Enough” was co-written by Sean Kennedy, Curtis Martin and Rob Endling. A video for the song is currently in production.

On the streaming front, Netflix’s Daybreak has been measured by some (such as IMDb) to be the number two show in the world. The post-apocalypse dramady includes Chester Rushing.

And speaking of Chester, he has a role in the Steven Segal and DMX starrer, Beyond the Law, which releases December 6.

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