Konrad Oldmoney

When he’s not auditioning or shooting a project, Chester Rushing is working on his musical endeavors. Lately, it’s been collaborating with writer/producer, Konrad Oldmoney, resulting in the track “Don’t You Worry,” which will drop May 15 on all platforms. The Rushing and Konrad Oldmoney collaboration is sounding promising.

Konrad is best known for his work with Justin Bieber, but has also written and produced projects in the gaming world and for commercial ads, including UFC 3, EA Sports and Converse.

Chester and Konrad met last year and the obvious next step was to find out what they could do together musically, which resulted in “Don’t You Worry.”

For Chester, it’s been a musical journey, writing with people from various musical backgrounds, with the actor/musician settling in on the alternative acoustic pop sound. “Don’t You Worry” is right in that genre and Konrad’s production, coupled with Chester’s vocal, makes a great combination.

Based on all accounts, the Rushing and Konrad Oldmoney collaboration will continue, as they intend to work on a  follow-up to “Worry.”

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Chester Rushing