Sixlight Productions, the duo of Curtis Martin and Rob Endling, has broken into the world of composing, which is never an easy thing to do. As a publisher who has represented composers with much more experience than Curtis and Rob, it’s encouraging to see people in the film world recognize the duo based on their track record. And Martin and Endling did it with a bang: Sixlight composes ads for Lexus.

I have worked with Rob and Curtis for over a year now and watched them (from a distance) turn out some amazing work, only to have life get in the way and compel them to re-invent themselves. The guys have worked in rock and pop, solely as engineers, then producers, then writer/producers, as well as mixers. They have navigated a road in an industry filled with as many potholes as a neglected city street, only to find another path to more opportunities.


Earlier this year, Martin and Endling made the decision to uproot from the comfortable music landscape of Las Vegas to Atlanta, where they believed their talents might lead to greater opportunities. While there is no consensus on their 2,000-mile move east just yet, it turns out that their path to creating music for television ads began in Los Angeles, leading to two Lexus commercials.


LA-based director, Jake Stark, gave Endling and Martin a chance to prove themselves in an area that is not about finding the right radio sound for a recording artist, but coming up with a soundscape that must satisfy very discernable advertising executives and a marketing department of a major automobile maker.

They succeeded.

Lexus recently released one the Martin/Endling-composed spots, “Lexus Accelerators – Inspiring Others Through a Passion for Life,” and by all accounts, everyone involved is happy with the 37-second clip. A second ad composed by the new Atlantans is in the can waiting to be released.

The moral of the story (so far)? Continue being creative, both as an artist and as a business person, while maintaining a compelling bedside manner. These attributes don’t guarantee a foot in the door, but as Sixlight composes ads for Lexus again in the future (hopefully), it can be said they certainly helped. #Sixlight #SixlightProductions #Lexus #Lexusad #composers #JakeStark