Southbound 75 recently had a run of dates at a club called Cowboy Bill’s in Key West Florida. The expectations were low, because the band and management didn’t know what to expect. In addition, the guys would be performing during Key West’s tourist off-season. It was a lesson in growing your audience.

Due to SB75’s contractual obligations, the band wasn’t allowed any breaks during their four-hour sets, which inhibited their chances to mingle with patrons at the merch table. While the club’s attendance vacillated from near empty to reasonably full, the prospects of growing the Florida market looked dim for the first few days.

But what also happened was that in between songs and especially after their sets, the band were approached by people all over the country (see bandsintown graphic), many enthusiastic about SB75’s brand of country music. This has spawned the idea to at least do a run up through the Midwest and into Ohio, where lead singer Mark Lorenzo has played over the years with his rock outfit, Lorenzo.

With multiple agents now booking Southbound 75 into various events, including multiple dates at the Florida State Fair in 2020, their live schedule is expanding.

The point is that starting small and playing to empty rooms shouldn’t discourage a musical act. If an act’s songs are good, engages with their fans and have the drive to expand their fan base, anything is possible. The goal of growing your audience is a moving target. SB75’s residency may have answered some questions.

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