Clockwise (top left): Bernard Porter of PCG, Bill McDermott, Mark Lorenzo, Vance Eskesen


Southbound 75 signed to REG (Roxy Entertainment Group). REG is Nashville producer, Bill McDermott’s company. The alt country rockers have been working with McDermott (Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, George Strait), over the last year and resulting in the band’s debut album Tales From The Black Swamp, to be released this summer. The lyric video to the band’s debut single, “Not Ready to Say I’m Sorry Yet,” is out now.

The road to signing to REG was a long, but pleasant one. Spotted by Bernard Porter of PCG Artist Development, the band was introduced to McDermott, who agreed to work with the guys. It became apparent that the band/producer relationship was a good one. What began as one recording session turned into several, resulting “Tales” album.

Immediately recognizing the level of songwriting from singer/songwriter, Mark Lorenzo, and seeing the potential of the band’s demos, McDermott brought his own sound to the songs, taking the Lorenzo-penned tracks to an even higher level. While the band was in and out of Nashville, recording with McDermott at OmniSound Studios, they were performing throughout Florida and parts of the midwest and growing their fanbase. One-off shows at bars and clubs turned into residencies (Key Largo) and private pre-shows for NCAA football games.

Once the record was completed, McDermott stepped up and signed them to REG.

Leading up to the release of Tales From The Black Swamp is the lead track, “Sorry.” The rest of the album is a mix of upbeat tracks that will cater to the country rock base, but also includes at least one ballad to off-set the band’s high energy sound.

Southbound 75 is looking to release a full video to “Sorry,” eventually. Online performances are also in the mix.

In addition to singer/lead guitarist, Lorenzo, the band is rounded out by Vance Eskesen (bass), Kevin Doris (strings) and Gregg Giacobbe (drums).

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