Gene Simmons

The Lack of Song Quality in Today’s Rock Acts

Gene Simmons continues to claim that rock is dead. The ongoing dialogue by Simmons and others on this topic fascinates me, because the lack of song quality in today's rock acts rarely, if ever, enters the          conversation in this debate. In an article in Metal Injection by Greg Kennelty, Kennelty takes on Simmons' point of view on the life or death matter, and while I don't believe that fans killed the genre due to streaming, a Simmons opinion, some subscribers to Metal Injection offered their reason for the lack of dominance in the genre. While I respect some of [...]

Is Rock Dead? No. And It Never Was.

Question. Is rock dead? No, rock is not dead. It never was and it probably never will be. Saying that rock is dead is a cop-out. I am responding to an article titled, “We Asked a Top A&R Executive If Rock Is Really Dead,” by Digital Music News. Is rock dead? The topic is a good one, but the people who are tasked to answer this question come up short. And while there are some responses that help to answer this question, the answers don’t suffice. I’ll spare the people who don’t like to read long blog entries and give them their immediate [...]

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