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Shawn McGhee Has Two Co-Writes on New Hyro The Hero Album

Writer/Producer, Shawn McGhee, has two co-writes on the new Hyro The Hero album, Flagged Channel. The album is out today. The two McGhee collaborations are the current single, "Bullet," and "Closed Casket." The Another Century/Sony Red release is a bit of a departure for the label, as it delves into the Rap/Metal genre. Hyro will be supporting Flagged Channel with live dates. #rapmusic #rapmetal #rapmetalmusic

Cadium Music Signs Writer/Producer Shawn McGhee

Cadium Music signs Las Vegas writer/producer Shawn McGhee. McGhee engineered many projects at The Hideout Recording Studio, including for artists, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and Hellyeah before breaking off on his own. The Michigan native co-wrote "Bullet" for the upcoming Hyro The Hero album, Flagged Channel, due out June 29. "Bullet" is out now. McGhee is working on several projects, many of them out of his Artistry studio. The new signing allows Cadium to delve further in the rock genre. #ShawnMcGhee #WriterProducer

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