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Red Dragon Cartel’s “Patina” Out Now; U.S. Tour Coming Soon

Red Dragon Cartel's Patina comes out today. The Jake E. Lee-led project has been getting great reviews leading up to the release. In some one on one interviews, Lee drops some juicy quotes about some familiar musicians from his past. "Havana" is the lead single for Patina and the band recently released a video for "Crooked Man." RDC hits the road in February '19 with a U.S. tour and will be in Japan in April. With The Red Dragon Cartel album released, the next item is the announcement of live dates, which will be available as soon as available. #newrockmusic #guitarrock #mainstreamrock

Cadium Music Signs Writer/Producer Anthony Esposito

Anthony Esposito, writer/producer and former member of Lynch Mob, has signed to Cadium Music. Esposito, who was a member of Lynch Mob and co-wrote the first three of the band's releases (two albums and one EP) before becoming Ace Frehley's bass player, is a current member of Red Dragon Cartel. Esposito also has a recording studio, Obscenic Arts, located in Pennsylvania. Anthony co-wrote the new Red Dragon Cartel album, Patina, with Jake E. Lee and recorded the album at Obscenic Arts. #RedDragonCartel #AnthonyEsposito #ObscenicArts

Jake E. Lee Reveals More Details on New Red Dragon Cartel Album “Patina”

As the November 9 release date of the new Red Dragon Cartel album approaches, Jake E. Lee has begun to share some of the details of Patina. The first single, "Havana," will be digitally released August 24. The CD version of Patina will include a bonus track, "Punchclown." Also, the Japanese release of the album will include an acoustic version of "Havana." More details forthcoming. #NewRockMusic #JakeELee #RedDragonCartel

New Red Dragon Cartel Album Due Out Later this Year

After a four year wait, Red Dragon Cartel, will release its second album, November 9. The RDC album will include some band member changes. Led by master guitarist, Jake E. Lee, RDC's new album, Patina, also brings new members to the group, who include bassist Anthony Esposito (ex-Lynch Mob) and ex-Skid Row drummer, Phil Varone. The album was recorded at Esposito's Obscenic Arts Studio. Vocals include Darren James Smith. While track titles, which include "Speedbag" and "The Luxury of Breathing" have been announced, no previews of the music have been released yet.

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