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New Five Finger Death Punch Has Churko Co-Writes

As Five Finger Death Punch's greatest hits album, A Decade of Destruction maintains its presence on the Billboard album charts, a new Five Finger Death Punch studio album is due in May. The album, And Justice For None, has at least one Kane Churko co-write included on the record. More details in the coming weeks. #FiveFingerDeathPunch #KaneChurko #TheHideoutRecordingStudio

Cadium Music Publishing – Year in Review

Cadium Music Publishing ends 2017 with some notable accomplishments, but the real story is what's ahead. Here is this year's year in review. First, Kane Churko co-wrote two songs for Japan's One OK Rock, which appear on the Japanese release of the album, Ambitions. While the band is relatively unknown in North America, the album went double platinum in the band's homeland. Churko was also nominated for a Dove Award for his work on Skillet's Unleashed. Chester Rushing was more active as an actor than as a musician (more on the musician part, later), appearing in Season Two of Stranger Things, having significant [...]

Five Finger Death Punch Greatest Hits Album is Out Now

Five Finger Death Punch's Greatest Hits album, A Decade of Destruction, is out now. The album includes the Kane Churko co-write, "Remember Everything," which was originally recorded for the FFDP studio album, American Capitalist. Five Finger Death Punch is due to release a new studio album early next year. Churko has co-writes on that album, as well. #KaneChurko #FiveFingerDeathPunch

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Five Finger Death Punch Hits Album to be Released, Kane Churko Track Included

Five Finger Death Punch will be releasing a Greatest Hits album, December 1. The album, A Decade of Destruction, includes the Kane Churko co-write, "Remember Everything." The track was originally released on FFDP's American Capitalist. Word has it that the band's new studio album will be released next Spring. Kane has co-written some songs on the album, as well. #fivefingerdeathpunch

The Hideout Recording Studio Nominated for Pro Sound’s Studio of the Year

Kevin and Kane Churko's The Hideout Recording Studio has been nominated by Pro Sounds for Studio of the Year. The news comes following a very active 2016/17, in which Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, One OK Rock (double platinum in Japan), Disturbed, and others, have all recorded. The Hideout is formally known as Audio Mixhouse until the Churkos took it over in 2015. Extensive renovating and upgrading followed. The Pro Sound Awards take place September 28th in London. #TheHideoutRecordingStudio

Churkos Nominated for Dove Award for Work on Skillet Album

Kane Churko and Kevin Churko received nominations for their work as producers on Skillet's latest album, Unleashed. This is the first Dove nomination for each Churko. The Churko's also co-wrote two songs on the Skillet album, "Out of Hell" and "Undefeated." The Dove Awards take place October 17 in Nashville, TN. #DoveAwards

Kane Churko Has #1 Album with One OK Rock’s Latest

One OK Rock, an immensely popular band from Japan, released their Ambitions album at the top of 2017 and practically had a platinum album in it's debut week. Kane Churko, who has two co-writes on the record, also produced. While the album's release in the U.S. does not include Churko's co-writes, "Make It Out Alive" and "Lost in Tonight," the album has gone double platinum (500,000) in the group's homeland. This is also Churko's first number one in Japan. #OneOKRock

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Team Churko Projects Due in 2017

Some of the work Kevin and Kane Churko did in 2016 and earlier this year will be put on display later in 2017. First, Kevin produced and co-wrote on the upcoming In This Moment album, Half God/Half Devil. The album's first single, "Oh Lord," is due out later this Spring, with Devil releasing sometime in the Summer. Five Finger Death Punch recorded their new release with the Churkos, finishing their yet-untitled album (while no one was looking) over the Christmas holiday. Team Churko co-wrote with the band and Kevin produced. No official announcement on the album's released date and first single. Kevin went [...]

Carrying the Torch for Rock

If you weren't paying attention, you would just assume that Kane Churko is a rock producer who only understands one genre of music: Rock. But that is not the case. Churko comes from a very pop music direction, growing up with his dad, producer Kevin Churko, and being in pop bands, such as Mr. Kane and Modern Science. In a feature by the Las Vegas Weekly, Churko talks about riding the wave of rock, but really being a pop guy.

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