What’s Ahead is Here (or Coming into Focus) – The 2018 Cadium Music Year-End Wrap

As mentioned almost to this day, a year ago in last year's year-end, the emphasis was what was ahead in 2018. As we close 2018, here is some of what last year's wrap was talking about in this year-end wrap: -RAMP signed a deal with Jukin Media. The guys have written for various Jukin projects that currently grace the internet. -While Chester Rushing was writing new material for his next album, he sang on some sessions to be used in commercial trailers. In fact, RAMP's Jonathan Clark sang on a track, as well. No word yet on when these clips will be released. [...]

RAMP Signs with Jukin Media

RAMP (Real Artists and Music Production, aka RAMP Music Media) has signed a deal with Jukin Media, a global leader in user-generated entertainment. RAMP writers, Gerald O'Brien, Chris O'Brien, Jay Lazaroff and Jonathan Clark have already created some cues for some Jukin projects, including for Eurosport. The deal between RAMP and Jukin is significant, due to Jukin's reach in the media world, as well as RAMP's versatility and track record for writing for film, television, commercials and recording artists. The deal looks to compliment both writing team and content creator in the long term. #RAMP #RAMPMusicMedia #JukinMedia #MusicForVisualContent

Cadium Music Publishing – Year in Review

Cadium Music Publishing ends 2017 with some notable accomplishments, but the real story is what's ahead. Here is this year's year in review. First, Kane Churko co-wrote two songs for Japan's One OK Rock, which appear on the Japanese release of the album, Ambitions. While the band is relatively unknown in North America, the album went double platinum in the band's homeland. Churko was also nominated for a Dove Award for his work on Skillet's Unleashed. Chester Rushing was more active as an actor than as a musician (more on the musician part, later), appearing in Season Two of Stranger Things, having significant [...]

Cadium Music Signs R.A.M.P Composers

Cadium Music has signed Gerald O'Brien, Chris O'Brien, Jay Lazaroff and Jonathan Clarke, collectively known as R.A.M.P. (Real Artists and Music Production). With a long list of credits composing for television, recording artists, commercials, as well as performing with A-List artists, RAMP takes over a hundred years of musical experience and applies it to film and television score in a live setting. "The complaint is that a lot of television, especially Reality TV, sounds canned," says writer/composer, Jay Lazaroff, "and we want to give it a live sound so that there's an added dimension to it...so that it sounds more genuine." The brothers O'Brien, [...]

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