Chester Rushing

Musician and actor, Chester Rushing, has been straddling both mediums of film and music almost from the beginning of his adult life. While gaining traction as an actor in various projects, such aschester-2 the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, Daybreak and films, Logan and My Father, Die, Rushing began writing and recording mostly folk-style songs, then releasing them on the Internet, more as a muse, while receiving positive reaction.

Rushing’s innate sense of pop not only began to infiltrate the ears of music fans, but musicians, as well; it wasn’t long before the then 20 year-old was collaborating with Jeff Jacobs, (former member of Foreigner and sideman for various acts, including Billy Joel and John Lennon).  The sessions with Jacobs produced the Jidax and Enzo Darren single, “Paint the World” (Rushing is the featured vocal on the track), which found its way to Europe and became a top 10 single on the EDM charts.

Armed with some minor success as a writer, as well as recording artist, Rushing’s career took a fortuitous turn when he caught a show by the North Texas blues band, Blue Jay Soul. Excited by the possibilities, Chester began collaborating and performing live with BJS members Marcus Seaton, Michael Hatton and Kevin Rivera in what would become Chester Rushing.

As the band Chester Rushing grew and developed, Tighe Merelli, of Invent Records, signed Chester and paired the band with producer Ryan Greene (NOFX, No Use For A Name, Propaghandi) and recorded Halfway Across the Stars in the band’s native Texas, which was released in 2015.

Due to COVID-19, projects, such as The Long Run, have been put on hold, but continues to release music, such as “Don’t You Worry,” with Konrad Oldmoney as well as co-writing and producing “Slurpy Slide.”