Beginning his musical career developing artists, Curtis Martin (p/k/a Curt Martin) has immersed himself in various aspects of music – writing, engineering, producing, managing artists and performing himself as one half of the rock duo, Sixlight.

Recruited by writer/producer, Kane Churko, Martin moved to Las Vegas (with creative partner and future Cadium writer, Rob Endling) to get involved with the steady stream of projects at The Hideout Recording Studio. While working the board for various sessions, Martin’s penchant for crafting songs led to co-writes with rapper, Ekoh. The writer/producer is now one of Ekoh’s main co-writers and produces much of the rapper’s albums.

In addition to his work with Ekoh, Martin has co-writes with Catch Your Breath (“Dial Tone”), Atilla, Ded, Ookay and Rachel Lorin. Catch Your Breath’s debut for Thriller Records is due to be released later this year.